Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boating - Protecting the Canvas Top and Sides

During the late spring and these summer months, we keep the boat top rolled up and the side curtains stowed. I have always hated just folding up the sides because it isn't good for the clear vinyl to be folded or pinched. It causes it to crack and damage easily.

Here is the folded side stowed in the box...

Here is how it looks folded. I've tried putting stuff inside the folds to keep them from creasing or pinching, but it never works quite right.

I did come up with an idea the other day, though...

We took an old "swimming noodle" - the foam tubes Wal-Mart sells for kids to smack eachother with in the swimming pool (and for the dog to chew up all over the yard...). We cut it to size, and simply rolled the boat's side curtain around the foam. Much nicer, and easier on the vinyl!

Much easier to stow away, too. Why did this take so long to figure out... ? Any other ideas out there?