Monday, June 8, 2009

More Farming Adventures - Thomas Farms

A friend down the road called up and asked if we'd ever 'milked' anything before. The kids and I have milked a family cow often, but that was it.

Turns out the friend had just built a setup to milk his new pigmy goat... something new for us, and sounded like fun!

She was a tiny thing. She hadn't been milked in days, so she was willing to let us try. Just like milking a cow, but much easier to handle.

He got about 2 cups of milk from this try. Said it tasted like "string cheese"...

While we were there, we got to see his quail coop. He's got about 2 dozen quail that he raised from eggs... and now they are already laying their own. Alot of eggs! They are all really tiny, though - takes about 3-4 to equal a regular chicken egg...

My oldest daughter went along - she had loaned out her white albino rabbit, and the rabbit had babies! Three little ones were doing great. The buck was also white with pink eyes.

Part of the fun of farming in the Pacific NorthWest is the variety of animals and plants that people are experimenting and growing... it is incredible the different things in the world there are to enjoy. So get out and enjoy!