Monday, June 8, 2009

Windstorm Casualties

We had severe thunderstorms blow into the area Friday night, and with it came very strong winds. One of the grapevines was not well secured, so we did a quick-n-dirty post to support the vine.

Alot of the new canes busted off in the wind. We have so many that loss of a few was no big deal - just natural pruning. Always sad to see the little grapes on the ground, though.

Because it is still pretty early in the spring, we decided to try to pot one of the canes that broke off. We soaked it in water overnight, then re-cut the base, added rooting hormone, and potted it in soil.

We also left many of the leaves, and even the 2 large clumps of grapes on - just to see what happens. I'm skeptical it will take root and survive, but it is worth trying... we'll keep you posted.