Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekend Wildlife - Catching Critters All Around Us

There was a loud ruckus outside, where 3 crows were attacking 2 blue-jay babies. The crows were brutal and ferocious on the little birds. Two adult blue-jays were divebombing the crows, but to no avail. I went out and one of the babies ran into the blackberries, but the other was hurt - we thought it was dead. Here is how we found it.

Our youngest boy is obviously shy of the little bird... he's had some close calls before. The baby was hurt, but recovered quickly. The crows flew off, but the adult jays stayed close by.

We put the baby in a pen for a bit, to make sure the crows didn't finish it off, and for the other kids to see after school. That evening, we opened the cage and the adults led the baby away. Hurt, but it had a chance.

Not to be outdone - this kid found a cool lizard out in the lawn.