Monday, June 22, 2009

Garden House Construction

We've been wanting to put in a garden shed for a long time...

With fishing slow right now, and the $ saved up, we decided to pull the trigger. We shopped for a year or two, looking at Tuffsheds and others at Home Depot, etc and came up with one we liked - 12x16 feet with a loft.

We are under 200 sqr feet, so no permit needed... yeah!

After pricing materials and designs, we opted to build it ourself - with the help of a friend. It was great having Buc up for two weeks, and he really gave the construction a quality touch.

We used 1 1/8th inch plywood on the flooring - very strong and solid. Custom trusses also added alot. The best part is that the door is almost 7 feet tall, so no ducking required!

The kids had fun watching and running for tools, etc. The place is so nice, we can't call it a shed, but are calling it our Garden House.

We put in extra windows - to maximize ANY sun we get here in the NorthWest...

Here you can see the upper loft - almost 3/4th of the shed has a loft above it for storage.

Here's another shot of the loft. Oh, it makes a fun playhouse, too.

The inside is really nice. Eventually we will have shelving around the inside, with a deep sink and drain.

And here is the final result, painted and roofed. Now we'll be putting in a ramp, trim, and flower boxes on the windows.

The project was completed just in time, too - summer Salmon season opens today! We'll start posting new adventures again...