Saturday, June 13, 2009

Home Repair #40 - A Sink for the Laundry Room

The day started out with rain, so we couldn't do the roofing or painting on our Garden House like we hoped.

What to do... Oh, thats right, the whole list of OTHER things!

After we were able to fix the tailight on the Suburban, we thought we'd keep the momentum rolling. We bought a small sink and vanity for our laundry room, and just needed to plumb it in. Here is the water and drain pipes that were plumbed in originally.

At first we tried to just use cardboard to keep the wall from being damaged from the blowtorch... oh yeah, cardboard burns, too!

Fortunately the smoke alarm quieted down after a bit... and it brought all the kids in to watch!

An old piece of drywall worked better. Soldering the threading was tricky, but went pretty well. There was still water in the pipe and so we had to watch out for sputtering steam... but the solder wicked well, and soon we were done.

The only real problem, and time consuming work, was with the drain fitting... WHY in the world would ACE Hardware sell TWO identical fittings next to eachother - one that fits the drain trap pipe, and one that DOES NOT?!?

Of course, we bought the one that does NOT! I messed with this for too long, then finally went back to Ace with all of the parts, to make sure it fits. It would be nice if someone there had actually done any home improvements before...

Oh well... not a big deal. My wife loves her new sink, and that makes the hassle worth it. Another item off the honey-do list!