Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Real Art - Abstract Modernist Impressionism

Lately all of our postings have been about the outdoors, boating, fishing, and farming... but here in the Pacific NorthWest, we love our ART, too. Life is about more than just work and play - there is beauty all around and local artists to open our eyes to it.

Here is a local artist hard at work. These guys are pretty excentric... this one likes to do his work without a shirt.

The work turned out so well, we hung it on the wall, and got the artist (and his fancy beanie hat) to pose with his work. He was so tickled with himself he signed our wall with a juicy handprint.

This work was actually made a year or so ago - he has since moved onto other mediums like crayons and dirt... but he still puts his artwork on our walls!