Friday, June 12, 2009

Culture Under the Bridge

Last night we went and enjoyed "Shakespeare in the Park" under the St John's Bridge in NW Portland. Fantastic!

The props were simple, the acting was excellent. The accoustics were also very good - even with the loud rumbling noice from the bridge traffic above.

The performance was "King Leare". I wasn't familiar with this work by Shakespeare... we really had a great time.

Only about 70-80 people there, on blankets or chairs. I had forgotten how big Cathedral Park is, so it took us a while to find the set.

The weather was beautiful - cool but not cold. This is a super idea, and one of the great reasons that Portland is such a great place to live.

We highly recommend you go and enjoy it - they are playing 2-3 nights each weekend for June and into July. We'll probably go again! If only they performed closer to the waterfront... then I could talk my wife into taking the boat!