Monday, June 1, 2009

Bike Mod - Adding a Fishing Pole Holder

We love to bike here at NWPodcast, especially if that gated mountain road leads us to fishing water. There is some great fishing behind gated roads in NW Oregon and SW Washington. Fall Creek in Brooklyn, WA and Skookumchuck River near Tenino, WA are a couple of past favorites.

Here is a simple addition we've put on our bikes to help carry a fishing pole easily and safely into the wilds.

The holder is simply a foot-long piece of 2" PVC pipe, with a 3/4 inch slot cut two-thirds of the way down from the top. This allows the rod to insert down into the pipe, with the reel sticking out for "quick draw" action! Two holes are drilled and zipties in them to attach it easily to the bike frame. Another feature is a piece of foam pipe insullator that wraps around the fishing rod and inserted into the pipe to keep the rod from rattleing or banging around inside the pipe. When you park by the water, this will hold the rod for you, too! The camo-tape is for stealth-mode to sneak up on 'em. Riding around town with this on will add a bit of a "dork-factor" to you, so expect questions. Women don't seem to get it, but the guys will!