Monday, June 29, 2009

Deploying the Pole Beans

The garden and fruit are all growing so fast, we aren't going to post updates as frequently. Once the harvest and canning begin, we'll show more info. Another week or two and the bean should be ready for canning!

We did deploy a number of pole beans we started growing in pots. Our 10 year old had a great time growing these more than 8 feet tall last year, and this year we're trying for higher! Look at the roots these dudes put on in 11 days confined to their pots!

We planted 2 of the plants at the base of our porch. The other 2 plants, and the 3 corn plants we put at the base of our 13 foot tall flag pole.

It took some time to separate the roots without breaking too many of them.

Here is the back porch - when they make it 10 feet tall to the top of the porch railing, we'll start adding more pipe and boards!

This is a great project to keep the boy watering the grapes and other plants. He agreed to get the other 'chores' done before tending his beans... it is amazing how motivated and cheerful he is when he has something to keep his interest and be excited about.