Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fruit Update - Putting on some Size

Just a quick post to update on the growth of the fruit. The grapes have started putting on some size - at least the older 2 vines...

Look at all these dudes! It is crazy this year how many grapes the vines are putting out. We thought last year was phenominal - this year will be 2x that!

Not to be outdone - the apple tree is loaded, and putting on size. All the rain and sun we've had in May and June really has accelerated the fruit. Our blackberries and rasberries have bloomed weeks ahead of last year, and are putting out sizeable berries.

Cherries are just about ready. These are Queen Charollett cherries (I think) - they are yellow/red when ripe and better than Bings.

Strawberries are still putting out (everbearing), though slower than previous weeks. The plants are spreading out and putting on size, so soon they should kick up production again. yeah!