Saturday, November 14, 2009

Road Trip - Off to Wyoming!

We've been in Wyoming for a few weeks to see family and deer hunt... and now we finally have internet to update what we've been doing!

On to the roadtrip!

Here's loading up the gear into the trailer. Lots of stuff - good thing its a big trailer!

We tarp'ed it up well. Two days on the road - want to keep it dry and safe as possible.

The first day was to get to Missoula, MT. There is a great hotel there we stay at - it breaks the trip up nicely.

Finally made it to Wingate on exit #99 !

The van was running very rough by the time we got to Missoula - it was severly lacking power, the transmission seems to be slipping, and the muffler is dropping!

We limped into Missoula and got about 7 miles to the gallon. Ouch! The muffler is staying in there... but we were really worried about the transmission. The van and trailer would only go 50-55 miles per hour - on the flats or down hill! That was definitely the slowest we've ever driven through Montana!

Here's the water park at the Wingate. The kids were in the pool more than 2 hours, and got all their wiggles out.

Very nice on a long, two day trip.

The next day we just hoped and prayed to make it to Wyoming before the van died. Going slowly we had a better appreciation for the nice scenery.

Nothing to do but take pictures...

The weather was great for the trip - thank goodness.

As we got closer to Wyoming, we started seeing more and more wildlife.

Here are the first antelop we spotted.

Here we're finally dropping into WY, and the Bighorn Basin. We made it!