Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fixing the Van and Raking Leaves for Grandma

Before moving on to more vacation, we made sure to get the van looked at. Turns out we lost a PFE sensor, and cylinders 1, 3, and 5 were completely lost! That explains the extreme loss of power, and the 7 mpg gas guzzling!

Fortunately the Ford dealer got it fixed in a day. Unfortunately we had to go to the dealer, where it cost quite a bit. Oh well - working on those big vans is a real pain - with the motor up inside the cab, etc. $600 was the final bill to fix it - we probably could have done it ourselves and saved $250, but it would have taken 2 days and some busted knuckles.

Now the van is running GREAT, and I've never been so happy to get 12 mpg before! We'll save that $250 just in gas on the return trip home!

While the van was being fixed, we raked up the lillac leaves for Grandma. It was so sunny and warm out, and work always makes a vacation better - especially for others.

The boys were fast with those rakes... must have been the clear, WY air.

In no time, we had the leaves in piles, and the first piles on fire.

The big rake made a great fan for a hotter fire.

All the piles burned quickly and easily. soon, there was nothing but ash.

Good job, boys.