Monday, November 16, 2009

Lets go Fishing!

Another favorite activity at the cabin is to hike down to the Clark's Fork River and fish. Just because we are out hunting doesn't mean we can't hit the water!

Besides, we had to buy licenses and conservation stamps anyway, we might as well use them.

The hike down to the river from the cabin is pretty steep. Here's the lookout, about half-way down. You can see the river below.

Then there is the trouble of navigating the area of the trail known as "The Triangle" - where many a hiker has been lost and found... and lost again!

Phew - we made it! The water looked great. Cold, but smooth, clear, and nice. Pretty low this time of year...

We have 4 or 5 really good fishing holes we usually hit - the other good ones require wading the river which was out of the options this time.

Besides, we had our encounter with the cold, ice-water already!

Here's a nice 13" fish that took a spinner.

The fishing was slow - probably because of the cold water and changing weather... but one took the hook.

All the other fish on the trip we released. This nice one was for the fire...

The weather got colder, so while the boys fished, I worked the fire.

Ok, I helped "fire man" while HE did the fire...

Good job, Fire man!

With hot coals, we put 2 'Spit" sticks through the fish and prop'ed them on the rocks above the heat.

So far, so good...

at least until the meat COOKED... then the sticks tore out and we got "indian pepper" on the fish.

Plan B was to make lay out willow branches on the coals and lay the fish on those.

We also brought along some salt and pepper for the fish! Yum!

The spices were a BIG improvement and made the fish delicious.

The hike back was fun, too, but uneventful. The trail is getting easier and easier over the years to climb back up... It is nice as I get older and the kids tease me - I'm still in the lead and they struggle to keep up! Ha!

I think the trail is easier because I don't have to carry kids up and down anymore! There were a few years where one would hold on my back while I carried another... now they carry themselves while I just have to keep "motivating" them by poking at them with a stick!