Monday, November 16, 2009

Shooting for fun

We had more deer hunting to do later in the vacation, and wanted to get out and make sure the .243 and .30-06 were still shooting where we expected...

Plus, the shooting helps keep the bears and wolves away from the cabin...

Plus, its fun!

The kids did really well with the .243. Its a simple, single-action, composite stock rifle so its light and easy for the younger kids.

Plus, it doesn't kick much.

Minus, it is louder than snot!

Whoa... everybody is shooting all over the rock! Whats up with that?

We were aiming for the dark spot in the center... the one with Dad's mark right next to it...

So who shot best? Mom, of course!

Lots of great open areas to shoot and hike around.

Again, we didn't see any evidence of elk or deer... other than bones.

Hope the shooting keeps the predators off for a while!