Monday, November 16, 2009

Working on our Fire Skills

After our hike and shooting, we stopped by the "quarry" to look at rocks and explore more.

The quarry is where the family dynamited granite for building the cabin.

Look out for cactus!

While there, one boy got a wild hair to build a fire. Why not!

He got one going pretty quick, and didn't want to leave it while the rest of us moved on to other things... so he settled in.

After a couple hours, we went back to check on him, and to take marshmellows for the fire! Yeah for Mom!

It started to get dark and cold... but he was determined to stay the night. Ok with us...

At the last light, we saw him racing back through the meadow to the cabin. Cold and darkness changes every grand plan - even with a fire burning!

Welcome back, son... here's some cocoa!

Good times.