Monday, November 16, 2009

Riding 4-Wheelers

Some family came up the first weekend and brought 4 wheelers to ride around. Yeah!

Here's a new (at least new to us) buggy they got - VERY fun!

So... lets take it for a ride!

Most of the good roads and trails in northern WY have been closed up - bummer! We did have one road to ride, though.

Here's the view from the top ridge, looking out at North Crandall area.

Beautiful out there.

The early snows have mostly melted in the warm weather... the mud was thick! We covered the little buggy, and ourselves, in thick, mountain mud. It was great!

Took a while to wash it off, though.

Here's a short video of us goofing off:

Thanks for bringing the bikes up! Wish there were more places left to ride...