Saturday, November 21, 2009

Making Sausage

We came home with a load of deer meat, and are having most of it made into pepperoni sticks. We still had about 100 lbs of meat, and decided to grind it into breakfast sausage.

We mixed in alittle pig fat because the venison is so lean. The store only had about 5 lbs of it, though, so there isn't much fat added...

We've made links in the past, but this time we have so much meat to do, we simply ground it and seasoned it.

First, we ground the meat up in a coarse-grind.

Then, we added the seasoning and spices. We had several seasoning mixes already on hand. We mixed it in, and then did a final, FINE-grind of the meat.

The sausage fried up well - be careful it doesn't burn because there is very little fat in there!


The kids loved it to, darn it...

There are alot of bags to put away. We ended up throwing out all the rest of our crab bait out of the freezer - they both are very FULL, with the cow, 2 deer, lots of salmon and sturgeon...

...better start eating more!