Monday, November 16, 2009

Done with Deer, on to the Rabbits

The last few days of vacation and beautiful weather had us out hunting coyotes, rabbits, and just waking the sage brush.

Here is a huge local herd of antelope we saw every day. They sure look great with their rumps flaired in alarm and running in unison.

There was a coyote out the day before that would hang out on the fringe and run though the animals occasionally. Interesting to watch the animals interact with eachother.

Here's a nice shot of the canal. They turned the water off a few months ago and its nice and quiet. Alot of animal tracks through it too - it was just like a deer highway.

Out by the shop we spotted alot of pheasants. There were more than usual out this year - interesting because we also saw more coyotes out than usual.

The roosters we saw here never flushed - they were old and cagey and ran for miles. Duck-n-run.

Fun to see!

Alot of bunnies around too. Infestation is the term Grandma used - bunnies are not a cute, cuddly thing to Grandma and her garden.

We are curious about the predator-prey balance, with seeing so many of both.

Shortly after we started talking another rabbit flushed, and off they ran.