Monday, November 16, 2009

Cowboy Doctorin' - Stitching up a horse's head

In between all the odd jobs and car repairs, there really is alot going on at a working ranch. One minute you are repairing a bed, fixing a muffler, then stitching up a horse's head!

The neighbor's horse split open its head - about an eight inch cut that lifted the scalp. My bro-out-law went to work with his side-kick holding the horse down.

Actually, it looked like the horse was holding them more... it tried to roll here on them and they almost lost it!

Too slow with the camera to catch the first rodeo, I stood ready with the camera.

"If you're going to photograph me, at least put my hat back on" he said as I pointed the camera. "Justs shove it down hard on my head."

I abliged and he gave me a bit of a smile.

Here you can see a bit more of the stitching.

I think these guys have done this before...

Just about done here. To keep a big, injured animal to lay down, just twist its head.

The last rodeo wasn't a letdown. Here's the video with a great dismount. He didn't last the full 8 seconds, but close enough and he got off the head without openning up the stitches!

Good job, guys!