Monday, November 16, 2009

The Bus is pulling... IN!

Our oldest son spent the first week of vacation back home - so he wouldn't miss too much school or work.

On Monday we picked him up in Billings, MT. He road the Greyhound bus in.

He was tired, worn, and alittle freaked out... but glad to get in! Lets get out hunting!

Good to see you, boy!

One fun thing is that everyone missed him and his sister (away in the UK for 3 months) and began to really appreciate those that weren't there with the family. Absence is good to help us get a break, appreciate, and then reunite with eachother. The younger boys got to be "the oldest" for a week, and the older ones get to be "on their own" and independant for a bit, too. The reuniting is the best part.

But why does everyone miss Mom the most? Oh yeah, the COOKING!