Saturday, November 14, 2009

Of Deer, Wheat Fields, and Officers

As we hunted the deer through the wheat fields, we saw alot of deer beds and sign all throughout the fields.

Here you can see one of the bigger beds, where the animals laid, ate, and left 'other' evidence.

There were whole hi-ways through the field where the deer regularly moved through.

We had a couple of Fish-n-Game officers out for the day documenting what we saw. Most of the beds were on the extremities of the wheat, but there were quite a few beds in the wheat as well.

We also jumped a little fork'n horn buck while the officers surveyed the damage.

While we were out there, the combine was working to get in the wheat. It seems pretty late for the grain to still be in the field... but it has been a pretty crazy fall, weather wise.

It isn't likely that the State will compensate for the damage, though... the officer's said that the best 'fix' was to let other people onto the land to shoot more does and fawns... and to offer extended seasons on the deer. Hmmm...

The funny thing is that even after shooting 3 deer and spending the day chasing the deer around the field, they were right back in the 'feed' that evening - right below the house!