Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cutting up the Deer

We wanted to get the deer cut up as soon as possible - we're going to make all the deer meat into pepperoni sticks, so we just needed to bone it out.

I had a good helper.

The only drawback at Grandma's house is that there wasn't a good place to hang it to skin it yet. So, we just skinned it while on its side.

It went pretty quick, too.

My little helper was eager and all smiles.

Its amazing what a little girl will do to get some time with Dad! Here you can see she did a great job holding up the leg.

After skinning one side and boning out the exposed meat, we flipped it over and finished skinning it.

Here you can see most of the meat and the remaining skeleton.

Almost done!

Here is one of the uncle's deer being ground up for hamburger. He mixed in about 20% beef suete and it tasted great!