Monday, November 16, 2009

Caping out a Trophy

We didn't plan to mount this big buck my son shot, but before we started peeling off the skin, his uncle called a local taxidermist who wanted to buy the cape.

We took the deer down to him see, and he definitely wanted it!

It was interesting how he caped it. First, he cut a "V" starting from the back base of each antler and pointing to the back of the deer's neck.

Next, from the middle of the "V" cut, he cut WITH THE HAIR backwards along the ridge of the neck.

Then, around the body well behind the front shoulders. Again, making sure to cut WITH the hair and not against it.

Pretty straightforward...

The boy's not too excited to see someone else messing with his animal!

Oh well. It had to get cut-up sometime.

After taking the hide off the body, the head was removed and the rest of the cape skinned off the skull.

While the caping was going on, our friend the Fish-n-Game officer showed up and checked all the paperwork.

With all paperwork in order, he measured the animal and left.

There is always a bit of sadness after the shot and during the processes that turn a beautiful animal into a piece of meat. It is sad, and it is good that it is sad. Always a tough lesson, though.