Thursday, November 26, 2009

10th Annual Shaving Cream Fight!

Every Thanksgiving we have a Shaving Cream fight! It is loads of fun. We also started to use Whipping Cream, to make it all a little more... palettable.

This year it was raining pretty good.

We buy everyone a bottle of shaving cream at the Dollar Store, and share Whipped Cream.

It quickly turns into pandemonium.

A glob of whipped cream in the mouth or eyes isn't so bad... but make sure its whipped before you savor it!

Here is how we look at the end of it all.

We started this back in 1999. Back then it was mostly Mom, Dad, and the older 2 kids. The younger ones watched from indoors, crying at the bizarre and scary mayhem...

Even the 2 year old got into it this year.

Sometimes the youngest ones get alittle freaked out by it all... not this year!

He liked eating the whipped cream as much as plastering it onto everyone.

Can you recognize anyone?

By the end of the fight, we have shaving cream in our ears, under our shirt, in our shoes.

We all ditch our outer cloths to let the rain wash out the cream... and head for the showers!

Great fun this year. A definite highlight of the season!
Here's a short Video clip of the action. Enjoy!