Monday, November 16, 2009

Butchering the Big Deer

After the deer hung a day, we were eager to be done with it. All of our meat will be made into pepperoni sticks, so hanging and aging the meat was not as important.

We did take the backstraps off for steaks, though.

Josh did a great job gutting it, and he already has experience with boning the animals. It went fast.

Two great big straps for steaks. Fantastic meat - very good flavor for a deer!

Another son did a great job taking out the rib meat.

Fillet knives are definitely the way to go when boning an animal!

Pretty soon, these kids will take care of cleaning all the animals for me, just like they do with all the fish!

Teach a kid to hunt, and you'll feed him (and you) for a lifetime. Teach him to gut and butcher the animal, and you'll enjoy hunting for the rest of YOUR lifetime!

Yeah, I could get used to hunting with these boys... they do great work!