Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A New Mushroom in the Pasture

There are dozens of new and cool mushrooms out in the pasture and woods - this is the mushy time of year.

Here's another one the kids are always eager to find - the Black Fluted Helvella. Easy to ID and pretty common. Very interesting look.

They are reported as edible, but like most mushies, it is more fun just to look and see. Note the one on the right - it is covered with a white mold or fungus that is common on these mushrooms. A fungus-on-a-fungus...

Hunting mushrooms is a GREAT way to get out and explore the forest. Always interesting things to find, a chance to hit the library and books to ID what we found, and in general it is finding treasure in the woods. Besides... not much else to do in the rain!