Monday, November 16, 2009

Polar Dipping - Watch out for the Ice!

It was cold but beautiful the first week up at Grandma's cabin.

The pond was full, and iced over most of the time. The kids couldn't help themselves but walk on it and try busting it with rocks and sticks...

So how about a polar dip!

With snow on the ground but sun in the sky, the boys were game.

We tried to bust up the ice - it was about 1/2" thick before he jumped in, but we didn't bust enough of it up...

1... 2... 3!... 4... ?... ?...

Here's the shortened video:

OK! He did it! It was cold, but the worst part was the ice - it really cut him up bad where it wasn't broken up.

At least the cold numbed the initial pain...


You can see here where the ice sliced up his shin as he landed in the water... it really put a damper on the fun.

We all felt bad for him - and were glad it healed up quickly.