Friday, October 30, 2009

Boat Canvas Zipper Repair

Here is a really cool zipper repair kit(s) we found to repair a broken slider on the boat's canvas.

These kits are available for all different kinds of zippers - and they are great!

This is the "Marine" kit for boat canvas... the kit cost $14 and has 5 new sliders and stops in it.

Here is the busted slider (gray) off the boat top's side curtain. No way to repair this dude - I worried we'd have to replace the entire zipper that wouldn't be too easy or quick.

3 of the new sliders matched the busted one.

It was really easy to fix. I was able to pry out the zipper from the canvas "stop" at the end...

...then just slid the new one on.

Nice -n- Easy. The way we like it!

Here's the new slide and zipper. Its a good time to spray silicon on all the zippers and snaps to keep them smooth and working.

We got the repair kit from an outfit in Albany, OR - ZRK Enterprises. You can find them on the web at:

This is DEFINITELY the way to go...