Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Last Salmon of Puget Sound

We're getting ready to head off for deer hunting, so we can't fish anymore for a while. One of the best "late season" fishing opportunities is up in Puget Sound - at the Hoodsport Hatchery.

This time of year the fish STACK UP thick - Chum Salmon. A favorite memory and good times for the kids.

There are lots of salmon there now...

...just be sure not to go there on tuesdays or thursdays - the Indians are netting and it is UGLY. Really a disturbing event - its cool to see all the fish, but the people get alittle mean.
Thousands of fish piled up, clubbed, and then stripped of their eggs. The carcasses usually are left, but sometimes they are sold in bulk for fertilizer or pet food.
This is a big reason why the crabbing is so good in this area... and when the fall colors are on the trees - it is gorgeous! Definitely worth a look on a Saturday - if not to fish at least to watch.