Monday, October 26, 2009

Cornmeal and Roasted Corn

This weekend there was alot of rain... so we built a nice toasty fire and read. With the fire, we wanted to dry out all the corn we recovered from the garden.

Here's the wood stove, with corn drying. To the right of the stove is the chantrelle mushrooms drying, too.

Here's a closeup of the stone slab we've used in the past to bake cookies on the woodstove with. It is great!

Here is the corn drying... but it got too hot for too long and ROASTED.

It smelled GREAT! We were all pretty excited at how good it smelled - we hadn't thought to roast it.

Here is the ground up cornmeal. On the left is the roasted meal - it smells EXACTLY like peanut butter! Very good smelling.

On the right is the regular, dryed cornmeal. We ground it very fine.

Both smell very good - we were eager to try it... we had homemade chili, stew, and cornbread, with butter and rasberry jam. WOW!