Monday, October 26, 2009

More Early Mushrooms - Chantrelles this time

We got a few Chantrelle mushrooms this week - they are GREAT!

We chopped a bunch up and rolled them into scrambled eggs for breakfast. These are our favorites to eat - great, unique flavor, and the texture is very good.

Meaty but not chewy... and firm.

These shrooms will stay fresh a while, if you keep them cool and 'breathing'. Its best to store them in paper instead of plastic so the moisture doesn't build up.

Here you can see the bunch after we dried them - they loose about 70% of their volume.

Adding water and then sautee'ing brings them back.

The best part is that these are pretty easy to identify in the wild. NEVER eat a shroom if you aren't 100% sure! Most mushrooms in the NW are edible... but most taste aweful and the few that are bad for you are REALLY bad!

Right now there are lot of people collecting these fantastic mushrooms by the bucketful. They are also in most of the local groceries for about $7 per lbs.