Friday, October 2, 2009

You Say Tomato - I Say Tomorrow!

Wow - we thought the worst of the canning was done! Uh Oh - the Tomatoes are going CRAZY out in the garden, and they are all RED! Quick - fire up the stove!

Our tomatoes are really producing this year - probably all the sun we've seen. We got hundreds of pounds of Roma's.

Time to make soup, sauce, and salsa!

Fortunately half of them are just 'almost ripe', so we don't have to do all of them today.

Here's the next round, getting ripe.

Here's the pot-o-goodness. What a rainbow of color!

Alot of tomato soup to make.

After cooking, here we are straining it.

Here are the quarts waiting for a water-bath. Its nice we don't have to pressure can the soup - just a 20min waterbath and its good.
Fire up the burners!

Here's a cool tip for you - we got too much salt in the soup... its tough making 4 gallons of soup at a shot! The trick is: when you get soup too salty, throw in a peeled potatoe for a while - it actually 'absorbs' the extra salt!
It really worked for us! Give it a shot.