Monday, October 12, 2009

The Boat House is DONE.

The shop addition for the boat is finished! Just in time, too - the rain is supposed to start this week.

Here's the inside of the shop, where we added a door into the covered area.

And here is the other side of the wall - from the side where the boat will be.

You can see the cutout and new door waiting for installation.

The addition really looks much BIGGER, now that the metal is on.

Here is the inside of the shop, with the new door! Yeah - we can unload the boat out of the weather!

Here is another angle on the addition - as we are backing the boat in.

The ONLY disappointment of the addition is that the gravel is too high to back the boat into the covering with the boat top still up. It would be nice to back in and pull out with the top up, but there is about 2 feet of clearance we can't avoid.

Here's the boat in its new home. Can you see it'big grin?

This fishing buddy is wondering WHY did we unhook the boat - lets take it out on the river!

Patience! Lets wait for rain and the fish will come!

Here's the backside. Alot of room on both sides and cover for the motors.

This project has taken a while to for us to finallly get to... and now its finally up! It is good to get the boat out of the weather.