Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Lights are ON!

Fall is AWESOME! The trees are really lighting up well.

There is something about the long, slanted sunlight this season brings - the long shadows, the stark contrasting rays...

...the sky seems blue'er, and there is almost a meloncholic sigh from everything outside.

These are a couple of the trees around the neighborhood where I work.

They are trying to put on a good show!

Here are the grape vines in the early morning rays... THIS is what I call "fall yellow".

The bright reds and oranges are brilliant, but these yellows and greens with the bright fall light are my favorite - like they are right out of (or into) a Hopper painting.

Here's the other side, in the direct light.

Grapes are the finest of the fruit - they are easy, deliver pure sugar, and delight the eyes in every light and season.

Speaking of Edward Hopper - fall is really his season. His use of the fall light is what always grabs me and keeps me.

Here's another one that 'highlights' the light...
He painted alot of people, too - but people only swim through the lights... it is buildings and the landscape that grab and hold it.
...and keep it from 'falling'.