Friday, October 2, 2009

Science Project Prep - Testing a Weather Balloon!

One of our science projects we've been getting ready for is to launch a GPS / Cellphone with a weather balloon, and track its travel.

We got a cheap 'surplus' weather balloon on ebay ($2) and wanted to test it out!

This first test we're just using air - so it doesn't get away!

The latex is pretty thin, but seems strong enough. Its light, too.

We easily blew it up to at least 3 feet. When we put helium in it, it should be able to pickup and lift off with the cellphone haning from it. We might need several balloons, though!

A little shameless advertising on the balloon - just so it can find its way home.

Pretty easy to fill with air - we could have gotten more in, but why?
Here's some video of our trial - first try went well, but the second got too close to the pine trees! Oh no! Oh well!

Pop! The pilot has to wear his hat of shame!
We'll get some more and try again - stay tuned!