Saturday, December 5, 2009

Working in a Wintery Woodland

After the Christmas Tree was in and up, we just kept on cutting.

There are a bunch of pines in the front of the house that need to go - they are getting too big, and some of them really were hammered in last years snow storm.

You can see these two leaning badly, and about dead.

It is great to have help! He dropped his tree much better than I did the first one, too.

We usually wait until winter for most of the wood cutting - it is great on a cold day to cut, split, and stack.

It is really a fun time for all of us working together, and it keeps the kids busy.


Now the real work starts.

All the boys were a big help... even the little one. He sure liked being alongside us, loading branches onto the truck.

And he loved riding in the truck back to the burnpile.

We had 3 big loads of limbs to put on the burn pile. The pile is getting big again...

We had thought of burning it today, but wanted to get the tree up, instead.

Instead of burning the pile, the other kids practiced their fire-making skills some more.

They had a great time, and got alot of the leaves burned up too.

After the branches were done, we loaded up the wood to haul it back to the firewood piles.
Even with the cold, the boys loved riding in the back.

And finally it was done and cleaned up. The other trees look really ugly, though. We'll be cutting out most of the trees on the left eventually.
It is great how opened up it makes the front, and wonderful to have some good, physical work to do outside in the beautiful weather.