Thursday, December 17, 2009

Caught Some Antlers!

Its been great fun getting pictures of the deer in the neighborhood. Best shots were by the apple trees.

Most of the apples are gone now!

This doe and her fawn are regulars - pretty common to see them at 6 or 7 pm every night. Every night there are apples down, that is...

They never seemed to notice the camera flash...

We got tired of just doe pictures, so we put some doe-in-heat urine on a rope, and hung it in the tree to see if the bucks we've seen would come to the camera.

Two problems, though - we used an apple to prop up the camera for the best angle... and this doe ATE our apple!


This little dude came in within hours of putting out the urine. He was very interested in that rope!

The second problem was we didn't reload batteries - they died after 1 sequence of photos.

Oh well - we'll be reloading both urine and batteries to hopefully get photos of the BIG buck running around out there. Stay tuned!

It has been fun getting the kids involved with the cameras- usually they can't come along in the woods if we are in a hurry... but it is fun to run over at night and see how many photos we've gotten. One night the total is at 42, the next its at 64!

Good times even with the dark and the rain.