Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Tradition - The Barbarian Feast!

A great way to build solid memories and fun during the holidays are to have family traditions. This one is a fun one!

We started a few years ago with our Barbarian Feast - no utensils, no manners, just loud and yummy fun.

It took the kids a while to get into it, but now they are truly barbaric.

Mom makes alot of good finger-food. BBQ ribs, fruit, noodles, and bread.

Delicious ribs!

Throw me a roll!

We had pop from the bottle this year, and also grape juice from the bowl.

Most of the pictures posted are of the younger kids - the teenagers get into it but don't want pictures posted!

Cream pie for desert got alittle messy!

Kind of like the shaving cream fight on Thanksgiving, except NO food fights allowed.

And like the true barbarians they are inside, they passed out in their food.

Sort of... there was too many loud noises and giggling to stay asleep long!

The other tradition that follows up on Barbarian Feast is our "Manners" dinner - we wear nice clothes and eat with our best manners. The Feast is only once a year, but it is something to look forward to!