Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Making Movies... and FREE Software

After taking thousands of photos this year of all our adventures, this time of year we start putting together DVDs and movies to enjoy during the holidays.

The kids especially like having movies of all the photos of themselves.

I wrote this simple application to make it easy to create movie (AVI) files... its alot like the ezSlideShow application we released last spring, but simple, and a 1-time use.

Here is a screenshot - a very simple and unattractive GUI... but thats what we like.

Simply give a name for the new movie, then specify what Directory(s) your photos are in. Finally, tell it what WAV or MP3 file you want for the audio.


The application will gather up the pictures, reshape them to all be a uniform size, and then builds the AVI movie.

There are a few options you can select for your movie: frames per second (FPS); how long to display each image (in seconds); what image size to make the movie; if you want compression or not (i.e. MP4, DivX, etc).


There are alot of other packages out there to do this, but not for FREE or as simple.

We like FREE and simple.

Our previous webhost is no more... but you can download the application here:

Any feedback or input is appreciated. Positive, that is!