Monday, December 21, 2009

Auto Repair #25 - Another Window Fix for the Pontiac

It was bound to happen again... back in April, the rear window on the passenger side came off its bracketting and fell down - it wouldn't go back up. And it was raining. We 'fixed' it back in June (Auto Repair #20).

Well... this week the OTHER window slipped and wouldn't go back up. And it has been raining, of course.

Pontiac seems to have a bad reputation for poorly designed automatic windows - it has been a great little car, but things like this make you wonder why GM killed the Pontiac brand?

Oh well - at least it is an easy 'fix'. It took us about 30 minutes to open up the door, remove the motor, install a brace (to keep the window up permanently), and close it all back up.

Refer back to the posting in June for more pictures and details. Nice, easy, and inexpensive 'fix'.

Many people on the internet report having the window fixed for $250 only to have the same problem 1-2 years later. This is a better fix.