Monday, December 14, 2009

Potting Camas

We mentioned last week the suprise we found of our Camas bulbs sprouting in the refrigerator...

The temp in there was 46*F, and the bulbs were in there since the 1st of July!

Here's a couple of them. Even the bulbs busted in half started to sprout.

So... what do you do with a bunch of bulbs? Try planting them!

Camas seems to be a difficult plant to domesticate and grow, so we wanted to see if we could at least get the bulbs going.

We potted these and they are responding well in the windowsil (inside). We also potted some, and will keep them out in the cold, indoors, and another pot outdoors, to see if anything happens.

In Feb/March, we'll also be planting seeds to see what they do. The seeds we planted back in July never did anything...