Thursday, December 17, 2009

Taking Some Long Shots... Shooting Tracers!

Its been a busy week, but with all the rain we haven't gotten out as much. Yet.

While in Wyoming, we did some long-range shooting with a 30-06 and Tracer rounds. It is a blast! We did alot of reloading years ago for these WWII surplus bullets. They are 143grains in weight, and we loaded them at about 2100 fps.

Be careful, though... they can start fires, so we only use them in the wet and at rocks.

Here are some shots from a video camera we used. The maps indicated we were shooting about a mile... ~1000 yards. The rangefinder didn't work that far!

At 2100 fps (muzzel) we figured it was at least 1000 yards - took about 5 seconds to impact.

Here is the tracer lit up, travelling to the bush on the cliffside.

Here's just before impact.

The crazy part is that the scope (9x power) was sighted in for 1" high at 200 yards for a 150grn load we use hunting deer.

After one shot with a tracer, the visual feedback of the bullet's path let us hit the bush with the 2nd bullet!

Thats pretty good for 1000+ yards...

Here is just after impact - note the ricochet.

Even in brighter light, the tracer path is bright enough to adjust a shot.

All 3 of us were able to consistantly hit a deer-sized object at 1000+ yards using these rounds. Pretty amazing, though we agreed that they would NOT be accurate enough to kill a deer without the risk of injury.