Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Gifts for Fishing Buddies

Here's a nice gift for the Pacific NW fishing buddies that have it all - they always catch more fish, have better lures, and never seem to loose a fish at the net...

So what to give them? How about a LUCKY BANANA Lure! These are so hot, you can't ever find them in stock at the store!

The legend goes back to the 1500's - banana boats were always unlucky, and any self-respecting salmon fisherman would NEVER allow bananas in his boat! At least NOT willingly...

But that is the secret of the banana lure. They float and dive on command.

We put these together for all of our "luckier-than-me" fishing buddies. We've made extras to hide them in their boat should they 'conveniently' forget to take 'em along!

Pretty cool, huh? Some small eye-screws and siwash hooks are really all it took.

We hesitated posting these pictures before Christmas, because our fishing friends are the only ones (besides Mom) who regularly keep up with this blog!

Sorry to ruin the suprise, Brent - we have one for you, too! Merry Christmas!