Monday, December 28, 2009

Vacation Fun - Off on a Family Hike

Here's another secret for a fun vacation, especially here in the Pacific NW - get out and hike!

The weekend turned out beautiful. After cutting the trees, we all loaded up and took a hike along the Columbia River.

Here's one of the old boats moored up.

There are some railroad tracks we hike occasionally with the family. Nice level grade and beautiful scenery.

The trains seldom run this stretch, but we kept a keen eye out!

He said, "Over there - lets go to the water some more!"

"splash splash!"

It is great to get out and walk a while. Lots of junk and bones for the kids to look at and explore, too.

Most of the junk was heavy enough that after carrying around a load of spikes, they were content to dump them again and leave them behind. Whew!

We did leave a small marker behind - not really a buried treasure, but something the kids can get excited to go back and find the next time.

Unless a Hobo discovers it...

On the way back an eagle soared close overhead.

So many places and beautiful things to get out and do... it really adds alot to the kids vacation and gets them out and moving.

That way, if/when it starts to rain again it isn't so bad being cooped up playing the Wii...