Monday, December 21, 2009

Hanging Gutters

Its been a long weekend of rain... we're trying ot get all our chores done so next week we can get back to fishing!

Hopefully the steelhead fishing is good when the rivers are back in shape.

In the meantime, all the rain is good motivation to get gutters up on the shop's addition for the boat. Here is one gutter up and it is GREAT!

To keep a good slope we dropped about an inch over the 14' length. It doesn't line up with the other gutter very well, but it isn't very noticable and keeps the water flowing.

Assembly was pretty straightforward. We went with the metal instead of vinyl so it would be more durable in case of more snow and ice.

We also drilled holes and rivetted the pieces for added strength.

In the spring we'll seal the seams when the weather is warmer.

The joining pieces are a necessary pain... seamless gutters would have been nice, but we couldn't find someone willing to mess with just a few feet we have.

Plus, they are pretty proud of their seamless gutters.

All in all, they went up smoothly and look very nice...

Except for the drilling... I KNEW I should have been more careful, and ended up punching through the metal and into my finger!

Wow - it happened fast, and went about 1/4" deep. Really didn't hurt much, but felt funny feeling the drillbit twist up the meat inside the finger.

Fortunately it has healed quickly and really no pain. Alot of blood at first, but now it is in great shape.

My jaw didn't lock up, either (yet) so hopefully this is a LOW COST lesson well-learned.