Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Bigfoot Siting in the Pacific NorthWest

Ok, now your paying attention. Actually, this is a shameless plug for our local Chainsaw Artist - you've probably seen him at work in Rainier, OR near the Longview Bridge.

He's really busy keeping up with orders - so if you want some cedar work in time for Christmas, better go see him ASAP.

Actually, he is TOO busy - which is why we've been posting about WORK instead of FISHING!

He has started on another lifesize Bigfoot carving, though...

Really a nice piece of wood.

You can see the yearning in his half-finished eyes to dash back up into those fog-banked hills.

It is great fun to watch Robert at work. We took alittle time in between jobs to hang out at the Men's Clubhouse and talk about fishing, chain saws, muddy tires...

Check out more of Robert's stuff at:

Cool stuff. When you try your hand at carving with a chainsaw, you'll really appreciate the work he does even more!

Besides - chainsaw carving is MUCH SAFER than drilling holes in a gutter...