Saturday, December 5, 2009

Spying on the Neighbors!

These neighbors only come out at night!

There has been a BIG buck deer out in our yard, and hanging out at the neighbor's apple trees at night. He is a dandy!

Another smaller 2-point has been running around, too. So... we got permission to put our cameras out by the neighbor's trees to snap a shot of them! We have great neighbors!

Less than 20 minutes after putting the cameras up, here they came! Oh yeah, the date and time are WAY off...

We left the cameras out for 4 days, and every night the deer were back. They especially liked it when we shook the tree so more apples were down.

We got alot of great pictures. Only problem is, none of them were of the bucks - just this doe and yearling.

If only we could find the old bottle of "doe in heat" urine. When we do we'll bait the tree to see if ole' mossy back wants to get his photo taken.

These game cameras are alot of fun. It is exciting to go out and see that the camera has 54 images on it! Alot of fun with the kids.

Almost as fun as hunting them, plus you can do it during the dark!

We've reloaded the batteries - the cameras are back out there for hopefully an antler shot. Stay tuned!