Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sea Lion Saga

Fishing in Astoria, OR last week we had some up-close and personal encounters with Sea Lions. One of them was BIG - a big bull. Another in the bunch was a branded lion - it had the number #39 burned into its back.

They were very comfortable around us - patrolling between 3 of us boats, and robbing each of us effectively when fish were on.

The last fish the big one snagged from us was a nice big fish. All of them appeared to be WILD and ENDANGERED Coho. The bull ended up with both hooks and a rather unattractive PINK hoochie in his face. Hope he will be ok...

here's some rather shaky video of the "fun".

The fishing was so-so. The boys are still talking about the Sea Lions, though... they got a little freaked out when they got so close. Those animals are BIG! Just like big bears. We quit fishing after this video, because we couldn't get away from them, and it made no sense fishing and feeding them.

The boat next to us netted a fish FAST, and just as they put the net in the boat, the big one jumped up and almost into the boat to get the net and fish! Wish we had the video on at that one...