Sunday, September 20, 2009

Building a Boat House - Our Shop Addition

Last winter took a real toll on our boat's top - all the snow and ice bent the poles, and the sun is never good on the top during the summer.

We've started raising beams now on the shop addition for parking the boat in. Its exciting to see it come up!

The footings are set, and the frame went up quickly. Only a day and a half to put up the beams and frame when the concrete footings were set.

Here is the final construction, ready for the metal roof!

From the other side. The back wall will also have sheet metal on it to protect the boat from the weather and sun.

There weren't any local places with the sheet metal to match the existing shop - so we are ordering it and it will be in soon.

We couldn't wait to get the boat in it! Looks great, huh!

Alot of room on the sides of the boat, too. Easy parking and pullout, and plenty of walking around and loading space.

Just in time for winter!